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Controversial Zapiro documentary a big hit!


A show featuring South African cartoonist, Jonathon Shapiro (Zapiro) has been downloaded over 3500 times since it was posted on the Mail & Guardians website at 2:30 PM on Wednesday 27 May.
The Special Assignment documentary on political satire which features an interview with Shapiro explaining why exactly he depicts SA president Jacob Zuma with a “shower head” was banned by the SABC.
ANC spokesperson Jesse Duarte is also featured in the documentary. Refering to the shower Duarte states in the documentary that, “Shapiro had taken a comment in the court case out of context and then used a “derogatory” image, a shower, and thought that it would be funny”.
She continues by saying, “I don’t think he’s [Shapiro] a small fish in a small pond. I think he’s a cog in a wheel … of right-wing elementary journalism that looks at people from a very one-sided viewpoint and doesn’t allow for the opposite views to come through,”

“I think Jonathan Shapiro should be taken to court where a court can hear his side of the view and Mr Zuma’s side of the view and where it can be decided whether he should punitively pay for his race and class bias.”
A number of clips from Shapiro’s satirical Z News, in which politicians are lampooned through the use of puppets, are also featured in the documentary.

Click on link below to see the documentary on Zoopy
What the SABC wouldn\'t show you


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