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Zuma keeping positive in tough times

Jacob Zuma in parliament
SA President, Jacob Zuma addressed the country from a cold Cape Town for the state of the nation address yesterday June 3, 2009.

The President spoke at length about poverty, unemployment, crime, education and health care- all factors that are deemed as priorities to the SA public.

He explained that the government has identified 10 areas that will be aligned in their strategic framework during his reign.

With regards to industry the president explained that a scaled up investment plan aligned with a government plan to help certain sectors such as the, auto, textile and tourism industry will help fight the global crisis.

Zuma said the government wants to create four million jobs over the next five years with a goal of half of those being before the end of 2009.

With tertiary education being a major worry for poorer citizens it was predicted that the president would touch on the issue at length. “We will improve the access to higher education of children from poor families and ensure a sustainable funding structure for universities,” said Zuma.

In terms of crime, the president wishes to reduce both serious and violent crime by seven percent and 10 percent annually. “We changed the name of the relevant Ministry from Safety and Security to Police to emphasise that we want real operational energy in police work” explained Zuma.

In terms of health the President stated that “Our goal is to step up the fight against the scourge of HIV and AIDS, TB and other diseases.”

He requested for SA citizens to work together to reduce the rate of new HIV infections by 50% by the year 2011. “We want to reach 80% of those in need of ARV treatment also by 2011.”

Overall the Presidents speech was that of a positive nature. Now all that awaits South African citizens is deliverance.

For the full State of the Nation Address see State of the Nation


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