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Levi’s Vintage Sunday’s bringing an intimate music experience

Levis Vintage Sundays

2009 marks another year of the Levis Vintage Sundays with another hot new lineup of SA artists.

The notion offers South Africans a chance to see the best of SA artists perform in a more intimate and relaxed environment. A major plus being, as part of Levi’s commitment to original SA music, the iconic jeans label have footed the entire bill for production, artists and promotion of the gig’s, making it free to the public.

The Cape Town leg of the tour kicked off at Jade Lounge in Green Point with Gerald Clark, Albert Frost Band and Lonesome Dave Ferguson playing last weekend. Last night saw Hot Water performing their African acoustic sounds to a supportive audience who were waiting for the main act, Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley, now known as Mac Stanley (derived from lead singer Andy Mac) once again didn’t disappoint their fans. Despite some technical problems it was definitely worth the wait listening to Andy and his band singing I Warrior, Paper Thin, Summers On It’s Way and even some covers of what they used to sound like before they landed a record deal.

A great example of the intimacy of the gig is when Andy walked around the bar singing a cover of Snow Patrols Chasing Cars hit while offering the mic to anyone brave enough to sing with him.

Vintage Sundays will be taking place every Sunday at Jade Lounge. Future gigs are:
21 June – Jitsvinger Acoustic Trio, Ezra, Under The Poetree
28 June – Farryl Purkiss, Tina Schouw, Simon Van Gend
5 July – Jack Mantis Band, Bed on Bricks,
12 July – Jac Sharp, Prime Circle
19 July – Steve Newman, Saudiq Khan, Babu
26 July – Gary Thomas, Julia Jakobsen, Andy Lund


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