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SA cops get fit

Metro Police

From today onwards Metro Police Officers will be getting their feet into gear and hitting the gym as part of a health and fitness policy which was approved last year.

The policy requires all metro law enforcers and traffic officers to reach international fitness standards where their fitness levels will be tested on a quarterly basis.

According to JP Smith from the Cape Town mayoral committee the aim of the program is not just to get the officers healthy but to prepare them so they can do their jobs properly. “They need to be able to defend themselves,” says Smith.

Officers who don’t meet target will join in with a special programme and receive extra help. For those who are still unable to reach respected fitness levels after the special programme, they will be removed from the operational service and given administrative duties.

Requirements for men up to the age of 34 includes, to be able to run 2.4km in 12 minutes, and to do 40 push-ups or 55 pull-ups in two minutes,

For the women officers, the requirements are, to do 31 pull-ups or 34 push-ups in two minutes, and run 2.4km in 14 minutes and 30 seconds.

An additional self defence course which is focused on teaching officers how to react without using a firearm will in due time also be provided to the officers.


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